Too Little, Too Late?

Or perhaps "too soon old, too late smart"? Now that I'm approaching "old" I realize there are some things that I think are important for my children and grandchildren to think about, that we haven't yet discussed. Some of them will show up here, at various times and in various states of (dis)order.

  1. Given

    There are some ideas that form the foundation or the background of our discussion.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    We have to start somewhere, with some sort of "first principles" or basic assumptions. This encapsulates much of what I feel is important to hold as "given" or "stipulated" as we discuss the material below. Note well that some of the ideas included in the Declaration may or may not conflict with conclusions we reach during our discussion.
    Christian Ideals
    It is not my intent to base our arguments upon holy scriptures, except to the extent that we can agree that they may contain, in some way, "wisdom of the elders". This is here primarily to make plain my background in the Christian church and the influence that has in my thinking.
  2. Questions!

    Stuff we want to think about.

    Who should benefit from your labor?
    What sort of future do you fear? hope for?
    What are you willing to work for?
    How should we allocate scarce reources?
  3. Answers?

    There may be things we agree on; they'll end up here.