James Card

This site provides content related to my professional interests. Personal interests are reflected at jdcard.com.

I'm Available

Since I'm looking for work, I might best tell you what sorts of things I can do.

Computer Support and Maintenance
Providing support services for Windows and Linux desktop machines, laptops, and servers: backup and recovery, malware clean-up, system "tune-ups", and software selection, acquisition, installation, and configuration.
I can help you get the most out of your existing system(s), and help you decide when you need to upgrade to newer systems.
Data Preparation and Processing
Show me the data! That is the sign that hangs above my desk. It is appropriate in at least three ways: first, I tend to be skeptical of claims until I can see the data that supports them; second, I can't give you an answer -- especially to the question "how much will it cost?" -- until I've seen the data that's available; and finally, my job is to present the data to users in a clear and effective manner.
I'm accustomed to handling data in a variety of formats (including a dozen or more flavors of database software, a variety of geospatial data formats, still images, video and sound) and specialize in integrating the various data you may have and presenting it to users in a convenient, cohesive, easy-to-use manner.
Data quality is crucial to the success of most projects. In addition to converting your data from one format to another (if required), a key part of my service is ensuring that your records are as accurate, complete, current, and consistent as possible.
Web Programming
Using a variety of server-side and client-side software I can present your information to web users in a manner that makes it clear and easy to use. I am not a web "designer" or artist (as you've probably guessed by the somewhat plain design of my websites), but I know some very talented people who can fancy things up very nicely, and will gladly arrange for their assistance if needed.
Patient, effective training for a variety of computer- and software-related topics, including: Learning New Software, Choosing the Right Tool, and Little Tools For Big Jobs. Individualized tutoring is also available.

If you'd like more information about what I've done, you can have a look at my résumé.

Older Work

Most of my work output has been done for others and they control the rights to it, but here are some things that I have the right to publish:

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